John McLennan, New Zealand

Titahi Bay Show , August 2016

November 17, 2016

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The  first  of  the  bigger  shows in  the  southern  part  of  the  N I  is  the  Titahi  Bay  Horticultural  Society  Spring  Show  ,  held  on  Saturday  27  and  Sunday  28  August .  This  is  early  season  for  the  Welington  region  growers  but  the  show  is  only  an  hour  south  of  the  much  earlier flowering  Kapiti –  Horowhenua  region .I  staged  my  flowers  On  Friday  evening  ,  Wilfred Hall  , Denis  Rodgers  and  Diana  Loader  travelled  south  to  stage  on  the  Saturday  morning .Martin  McKendrick   and  our  NDS  publicity  officer  Margaret  Seconi ,  both  work  very  hard  across  the  media  to  cleverly  promote  this show  and  it  had  easily  the best  attendance  of  our  regional  shows  this  season .A good  dsplay  of  daffodils  and  very  good  classes  of  other  spring  flowers  made  an  attractive  show  to reward  the effort  involved  in  a  difficult  ,  late  spring .A  big  thanks  to  Margaret  and  Wilfred  for  photos  supplied  and  show  results .

Dscf0013 19


Champion  Bloom  ,     2W – W    ICESCAPE  ,             John  Mclennan .  This  Canisp  line  seedling ,  raised by  John  Hunter  is  a  very  reliable  early  flower  ,  good  size  and  very  white .I  had  5  nice stems  in the  show  .



Img 0030 Img 0180

Reserve  Champion         4W – W     ERLICHEER           Diana  Loader .  A  deserved  reward  for  a  superb  example  of  this    very widely  grown  variety  .  A  lot  of  flowers  on  a big  head  ,  well  held  on  a very  solid  strong  stem .



Img 0183 Dscf0025 15

Premier    1Y – Y       P Ramsay  Seedling                     John  Mclennan




Img 0182


Premier  1W – W           POLAR  MONARCH        Peter  Tijsen



Dscf0016 17


Premier  2Y – O          TERMINATOR               John  Mclennan



Dscf0046 9


Premier   2W – P          SMITTEN                  John  Mclennan  .   Proving  to  be  a  useful  early  pink ; again  ,  quite  a  few  at  the  show .



Img 7445 1


Premier  3W – YO      ANTJE                Peter  Tijsen  ,  a  reliable  early  smallcup  ,  show  by  it,s  raiser .



Img 0001 2


Premier  Div  6         MANGAWEKA  .         Margaret  Seconi .  A  good  flower  of this  Kiwi  bred  cyclamineus .



Img 7457 1


Premier  Div  8       WTH   AVX – 84       Wilfred  Hall  .Another  very  neat  and  bright  tazetta  from  Wilfred .



Img 0002


Premier  Intermediate   WTH  2O – R            Wilfred  Hall  –   A  neat  flower  ,  even  flush .




Img 7465 1


Premier   Miniature  Vase       WTH   3  Tazetta   sdlgs  .     Wilfred  Hall.      Neat  and  bright .



We  had  a severe ,  7.8  earthquake  in  the  central  region  of  NZ . ,  very  early  on  Monday  morning  .  Our  thoughts  are  with  the  NDS  members  in  the  immediate  area  ,  North  Canterbury  ,  Southern  Marlborough .Particularly  to the  Spence  families  in  the  Seddon  area .I  understand  the  house  damage  is  not as severe  as  the  previous  Seddon  shake  but  the   mess  in  the  house  is bad .Hope you  are  all  well  –  still  to  many  aftershocks to  start  the  slow  recovery .Our  thoughts  are  with  you .



3 responses to “Titahi Bay Show , August 2016”

  1. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your mention of Lane Spence. I was concerned too for Margaret and George Seconi as their area seems to be getting hit continuously with shaking, now high winds and flooding.


  2. Margaret Seconi, New Zealand Margaret Seconi, New Zealand says:

    Thanks for publishing the photos John. You, Wilf & Johnny H have helped us continue too especially when the local blooms are late.Our new President, Gill Palmer, is the main force behind the resurgence of this show and society. She has many fresh ideas which I intend to share in a written article sometime soon.
    George & I are fine but the garden is absolutely waterlogged. Fortunately we cleared our front drains (7m of tree root) and realigned the backdoor path several months ago so that the water is directed away from the house. We’re in a single storied house on solid clay so the quakes feel like a gently rocking boat. (I’ve felted a beautiful merino/silk scarf over several days).The heavy Rainfall combined with extremely high King tides prevents any outflow into the sea. Roads are submerged, waterlogged slopes collapse and tonight the Main Highway from the Hutt valley has been diverted through our suburb and, in one area, through a private retirement village which is quite funny really. Earthquakes, rain, wind & hail. We’ve had it all since midnight Sunday but still have all our basic services. We’re the lucky ones. Thanks Dave and others for your prayers & concern.

  3. Suzy Wert, Indiana says:

    John, I’m Smitten with Smitten! Smooooooth, elegant, and sort of sassy, too! Interesting colors. Congratulations!
    (And smitten with Wilf’s little 8s, but I hardly have to say that, right? It’s pretty much a given :))
    I’m so glad you all appear to be ok — and appear to be coping nicely with the road and mudslide situations.
    My best to all,
    Suzy Wert