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Otaki – a few more .

November 24, 2016

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The  top  table  had a good  selection  across  the  divisions, reflecting  the  late  season .With  the  N I  National  only  a  week  away  ,quite a  few  growers  admitted  that  they  were  holding  a  few  in  the  chillers  .  But  they  won’t  win  if  they  don’t  go  to  the  races  ! .



The  five  pots  in  the  container  class  were  all  well  grown ;  Diane  Irwin  had  excellent , healthy  full  pots  of

Dscf0052 7


Rapture — the  winner .



Dscf0051 7





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Dscf0068 5


Wilf  Hall  had  a  very  golden  jonquilla  seedling          JSJ – 5



Dscf0055 6 Dscf0057 6

John  Mclennan  had  a  John  Hunter    7W – W    , — JAH   61 – 98B  ,  interesting  colour  changes .



Combo 4 Combo 3

Wilfred  had  several  vases  of  tazettas



Combo 1 Combo 3


More  from  Wilf . Some  delightful  seedlings  ,  mostly  still  under  number .



Dscf0099 3 Dscf0097 3


Diane  and  Peter  Irwin  were  welcome  visitors  .  Brian  MacKenzie  exhibited Peters  2007 registration   OHAU  BRILLIANCE  ,  , a  good  sized  ,  well  coloured early  season,  orange  trumpet .  1Y – O


Dscf0088 3 Dscf0091 3

Reg  Cull  showed  one  of  his  first  pink  registrations  ,  the early  BAY  PINK   ,1987  ,  –  named  after  Titahi  Bay ,  where  it  had  a  big  show  win ,  early  in  it’s  career .  Still  strong  colour ,  big  flower  ,  heavy  texture .


Dscf0125 Dscf0183

Unplaced  in  the  double  classes ,  I  exhibited      JFM  10 – 11  , 4Y – 0  ,  a  very  big ,  heavy  double  from  Lunar  Probe  –  x  –  Loch  Loyal .Probably  more  suited  to  collection  classes  ,  quite  imposing .


Dscf0149 Dscf0151

Split  coronas ,  div  11  ,  were  out  early  .  2  pinks    from  LEISA  seed  .



Dscf0143 Dscf0142

These  yellows  were  from  MONDONZA seed  ,  small  but  good  form .



Dscf0154 Dscf0155

The  recently  registered  John  Hunter  redcup  ,   ASPIRE  ,   had  very  good form  ,  but  was  planted  late  and  came  in  a  little  small .




2 responses to “Otaki – a few more .”

  1. Denise and Neil McQuarrie, New Zealand says:

    The Ohau Brilliance looks very good, one I haven’t seen before.  The John Hunter 7W-W is fascinating the way it changes colour, I noticed mine has set seed this year.

  2. Suzy Wert, Indiana says:

    Wow, that  JFM  10 – 11 is magnificent!  Competition must have been fierce for it not to have placed at all! Or else times have changed and the judges don’t like those mixed up centers?  On early-blooming doubles, I am a happy camper if the whole flower opens without green misshapen petals and the stem can hold it upright, but I think that JFM 10-11 is really, really nice. It looks jumbo.

    A lot of them are really nice – that golden jonquil of Wilf’s, the Hunter jonquil, 7W – W,  JAH   61 – 98B and Oahu Brilliance.  I saw the Uncle Duncan from the other show results….had to laugh because it’s a Y-Y here –  but if you squint, it might have a slight orangey cast! Glenfarclas (parent of Oahu Brilliance) is a definite Y-Y here. I cannot tell you how many times I got rid of it, and tried again, back in the day before internet, because I thought I had picked up misnamed bulbs at the exchange!