Monthly Archives: June 2017

Jay John Pengra

It is with great sadness to inform you that Jay passed away on Tuesday June 13th  from complications after a heart attack and heart surgery. His memorial service is planned…

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Daffodil Digging

Daffodil Digging is the one part of showing daffodils that I really don’t like and dread each year as summer approaches.  I go out to the daffodil beds with my…

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Noel Burr

June 16, 2017

Many of you will have known Noel Burr, I see in our local paper that Noel died on June 4th this year. He had been ill for some time. Laurie…

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Thank you for the honour!

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to say this but I was totally blown away by Sacramento and completely caught out, honoured and shocked to have…

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Hybrid Seedling Question

A question to hybridizes. I have more seedlings than I have a place to replant.  As all hybridizes know when you keep one seedling bulb for a few years it…

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Bulbucodium N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus

I dug a large clump of N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus.  It’s a species bulbocodium 13Y-Y.  I must have had 100 to 150 bulbs in the clump.  Can someone tell me…

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