Monthly Archives: July 2017

Winter 2017

As Graham has remarked it’s been a dry frosty winter here in Canberra. End of winter is in sight with the first pseudonarcissus and jonquilla in flower. There are some…

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2017, Whatever season….

Here in the northern parts of South Africa we experienced a very fierce winter – last week – and some cold days since. Winter arrived very late and one can…

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2017 Daffodil Season is underway in Canberra

Our season is well and truly under way despite the very dry and cold winter we have had in Canberra. The micro mini is about half the size and height…

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Erlicheer and White Pearl

The  daffodil  season  is  moving  slowly  in  New  Zealand  and  most  areas  had  a rough  weekend  as  a severe  southerly front  moved  up  the  country . My  cutflower  numbers  for …

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Bulbs of Mitsch’s ‘Lemon Tree’

We have received a query from Denise who lives in Utah asking where she can buy bulbs of Grant Mitsch’s daffodil  ‘Lemon Tree‘ .  If you can provide a source…

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July 15, 2017

For my talk on bulbs last night I used the following abstract. I thought it was quite good myself and you are welcome to use it. The Story of Bulbs…

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