Central Daffodil Group Early Show 2017

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The  Central  Daffodil  Group  opened  the  2017  season  with  a  small  table  show  and  group  luncheon  on  Tuesday  8  August .  After  a  warm  and  very  wet  autumn  , we  have  had  a  very  cold few  weeks  ,  with  the  weather  just  warming  the  last  few  days  .The  flowers  responded  and we were  delighted  with  the response  –  twice  the  number  of  flowers  and  entries  than  2016  ,  our  first  early  show  venture . We  used  the  bar  area  and  flat  tables  to   give  us  a  different  version  of  tiered  staging .







The  Wedding  Barn  at  Jennings  Farm  was  again  our  venue  and  9  exhibitors  staging  122 flowers  in  56  entries . As  expected ,  tazettas  ,  approaching  peak season  ,  were  the  highlight  ,  with  49  stems  on  display .Judge  Wayne  Hughes  enjoyed  the  challenge  and  commented  the  Kapiti  –  Horowhenua  season  was  well  ahead  of  his  local  area . Wayne  selected  12  vases  for  the  top  table  and  the divisions  covered  reflected the  early  stage  of  the  season .

The  Champion  Bloom  ,  taken  from  a  vase of  three  ,  was  2W – P    TE  RANGI  PAI  ,    a  reliable  early  pink  raised  by  Max  Hamilton ,  grown  and  exhibited  by  NDS  President  ,  John  Hollever .



The  Reserve  Champion  was  a  very  diminutive  bulbicodium  ,  BULBICODIUM  CITRINUS ,   stage  by  Julie  Harris .




Premier  Vase ,  Div  1 , —  RAETIHI ,   1Y – Y  , —      John  Hollever





Premier  Vase  Div  2  ,  2Y – W  seedling  ,    – – John  Hollever .



Premier  Vase  Div  6  ,   RAPTURE ,  –  –  John  Hollever .



Premier  Vase  Tazettas  ,  –   AVALANCHE   , –      Julie  Harris .Julie  is the  master  of  staging  tazetta  heads ,  getting  them  to  sit  beautifully  and  beating  14 other  tazetta vases .



Premier  Vase  Miniatures  ,   –  3  seedlings    8Y – O , –  Wilfred  Hall .





Premier  Div  1  ,  1Y – Y  sdlg  ,  –   John  Hollever .



Premier  Div  2   ,  2W – W  sdlg  ,  27 / 97  , – —   Reg  &  Rita  Cull .




Premier  Div  4  ,  JFM  sdlg  10 – 6  ,  4W – W  ,   – John  McLennan .  This  was  easily  the  biggest flower  in  the  show .




Premier  NOE  ,  Div  11 Split  sdlg  ,  –   John  Hollever .




Premier  Historic  ,  KING  ALFRED  ,  –    Reg  &  Rita  Cull .




Premier  Pot ,  –  INCA,  6Y – W  , —  Diane  Irwin .  Diane  is  mastering  the  art  of  pot  growing  and  has  over  100  slowly  awakening .





3 comments for “Central Daffodil Group Early Show 2017

  1. Wow John. So early in the season and some high quality blooms. Many of my cultivars have still to come through the ground so a good looking 2W-P in early August is amazing.

  2. Thanks for the post John, it looks like you had some very nice flowers there yesterday. It is very early up here as well this year, several varieties that flower mid season are almost out. Most of the Tazettas are finished. Regards Robin


  3. Thanks for posting, John. The flowers look amazing for early-earlies, very diverse. I believe we would only have Div 6 Y-Ys blooming with bulbocodiums if we had the equivalent show in terms of
    earliness. And yes, Julie Harris is a fantastic stager of tazettas! Ask her to do a You Tube video for us! I am hopeless at it. (I just thought it was because they have a mind of their own.)

    The Pimms and Punch sign is adorable, too. (PIMMS –> lots of alcohol.) Hahahahaha! Sort of made my day!

    Suzy Wert

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