Petra Vogt, Germany

daffodils in bloom today

April 18, 2018

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just thought it would be nice to send some pictures of what is blooming now in my garden.

I like many types of daffodils; my favorites are division 3 pinks and daffodils of intermediate size.

“Cerisita” is both and quite wonderful this morning. I do have some doubt about my “Eastern Promise” which was absent for a while after severe fly attack – could someone, please, confirm it is E.P. or not? I remembber it as having a darker colour and a much stronger stem.



2 responses to “daffodils in bloom today”

  1. Roger and Terry Braithwaite, England says:

    I supply Eastern Promise from the original stock bought off Clive Postles and you are correct it has a much daker Pink Corona and it is slightly longer than the ones in your picture.

    Roger Braithwaite
    Bramcote Bulbs

  2. Petra Vogt, Germany Petra Vogt, Germany says:

    ..thanks a lot for your help! The “Eastern Promise” I once had came from Steve Holden as far as I remember and since it did not recover it is obviously lost rather through a heavy period of late frosts in 2012 than as a result of fly damage.

    So I now guess the flower in the picture  could be an offspring of  “Cherrygardens” which has given some similar looking seedlings years ago.