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WDS Show April 14/15

April 15, 2018

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The WDS show was held yesterday  14 April in Alexandria, VA at the Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite Temple.  We had a good turn out on a sunny day, however the wind was blowing fairly hard but if was a relief from the winter weather that we have had for the last month.  It was like old home week as I started my daffodil career at WDS.  Along with Karen Cougar, there was Kathy Welsh, Richard Ezell, Janet Hickman, Glenna Graves, Scott Bally, Bob and Lina Huesman, Robert and Mary Darling, Mary Anne Barton, Paul Botting and of course myself.


There was 1317 count of stems entered into the show. Did not get the number of exhibitors.


Gold Ribbon was Lemon Cocktail 1YYW-WWY exhibited by Karen Cogar


White Ribbon Ribbon Best three stems; Prodigious 11aY-Y exhibited by Bob and Lina Housman


Silver ribbon also known as the Piggy Award 🙂 Karen Cogar  #?

Purple Ribbon which was also the Red/Orange Collection of five: Exhibited by Karen Cogar;


Back row: Tao Y-O; Blazing Saddles 11aY-O; Entente 2Y-O.  Front Crowndale 4Y-O; Dynasty 2Y-R

Red White and Blue:  Exhibited by Karen Cogar:


Back row: Culver 2Y-Y Reed: Pacific Rim 2Y-YYR Mitsch; New Penny 3Y-Y Pannil: Front row: Miss Primm 2Y-Y; Maker’s Mark 1Y-O Weir.

Bozievich exhibited by Clay & Fran Higgins (sorry no Picture)

Throckmorton: Believed to be exhibited by Bob and Lina Huesman (No Picture)

Quinn: Exhibited by Kathy Welsh

Best Classic: Stratosphere 7Y-O  exhibited by Nancy Fuchs

Lavender: Exhibited by Karen Cougar


Back Row: Yellow Xit 3W-Y; Forged in Gold 7Y-Y; N. tenuoir 13: Front: Classic Gold 10Y-Y; Suzy Q 10Y-Y.

I could recognize that Suzy Q as far as I can see it.

Watrous: Exhibited by Bob and Lina Huesman (I will add the daffodils if I can edit this later) This is the one that they brought to me to film.  Looks like a red ribbon.

Back row: Mite 6Y-Y; minnow 8W-Y; N. fernandesii var cordubensis 13; Shillingstone 8W-W; Colar as Gold 7Y-Y; Middle row: Spoirot 10W-W; Yellow Fever 7Y-Y; Little Rusky 7Y-GYO; Snipe 6W-W: front row Little Flik 12Y-Y;  Little Kibler 9W-GYR; Sabrosa 7Y-Y.

Mini rose Ribbon:  #140140 Baby Moon X op 7Y-Y Exhibited by Clay & Fran Higgins


That’s all the pictures that I have.



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  1. Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    April 15, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    I have now updated the WDS Show with what pictures I have. Thanks to Ben Blake the Daffnet is now taking picture uploads again.