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2019 Sale List

August 6, 2019

Categories: Daffodil Types, General, Historics, Species

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The Historic subscribed folks have already gotten this, but here’s our Beinn sloidh order form 2019 small offering for the year.

White Nile https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=White%20Nile&auto=1

The “famous” Brodie award winner of the 20s & 30s.  Cup tends yellow for various amounts of time depending on conditions before assuming full W-W.   Strong, beautiful flower, bulbs tend large.  One of our pictures is on daffseek.  Our original source:  Quality Daffodils, 2008.

Rubra https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Rubra&auto=1

A perhaps lesser known Australian historic, but it shouldn’t be.  Bright and tends to bloom mid-season to just past here.  Bulbs tend medium.  One of our pictures is on daffseek. Our original source: SWODS, 2008.

Coverack Glory https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Coverack%20Glory&auto=1

Award winner, great color, strong and tends to grow on the taller side here.  We have two pictures on daffseek.  Our original source: Quality Daffodils, 2008.

Recurvus https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=N.%20poeticus%20var.%20recurvus&pagenum1=1&which=hist1

To my mind, the most beautiful of the species daffodils.  Tends extremely late in the season and bloom size can vary with annual conditions.  Our source for this one is unusual.  Found here on the farm in the late 1980s, in moist open woodlands remotely near an old road but very far from where any structure has been identified, in a clump a yard wide if not more.  If there are selections of this species, I’d put this one up to be the absolute finest. Perfect in all regards and a fast divider in our conditions. One of ours is on daffseek.

The bulbs are  vigorous and each bulb has been individually hand inspected.  You’ll likely get some extra, smaller “splits”.  I’ve taken to the thought that it is better to go ahead and divide any viable bulbs so as to better inspect the health of them.  Recurvus being an exception to this because of their nature of division and the naturally smaller size of the bulbs.

These bulbs have been field grown on a hilltop of our Ohio farm, they’re tough!

The form above is a regular .pdf.   It’s okay though to use other means so long as you’ve made certain to include all the necessary information. Right before you send payment I strongly suggest you contacting me by email or fax with your desired quantities and I will hold those back to avoid disappointment.

With regards,

Drew, Ailin and Belle.

Beinn Sloidh Farm, Granville, Ohio, U.S.


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  1. Drew Mc Farland, Ohio
    Drew Mc Farland, Ohio
    August 11, 2019 at 11:36 am

    To update:  Rubra is sold out.  Those of you who previously contacted me will get what you ordered.   We still have good quantities of White Nile and Coverack Glory and a fair number of Recurvus.  Thanks!