Thanks to these generous bulb donors

November 15, 2019

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Richard Ezell, Sue Luken and Kathleen Simpson all took the time to label, box and mail bulbs for the bulb exchanges at the Virginia Daffodil Society October meeting and the November meeting of the Gloucester Daffodil Club. Your contributions are so appreciated and helped expose our newer members to many show quality bulbs that they had never encountered. Thank you, thank you!

2 responses to “Thanks to these generous bulb donors”

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, New Jersey says:


    I missed you guys this year.  I’m glad that some stepped up and helped.  I know I usually do provide a lot of bulbs but I may be another year or two away from being able to helping again.  I also complained that I needed bulbs and some of the same people sent me bulbs this year that sent bulbs to you including Richard Ezell, Sue Luken, Kathy Welsh, and WDS bulb order (and Karen Cogar) with lots of Gratis bulbs.

    We bought this house in Dec 2018 and moved my bulbs north from North Carolina and started planted all the way into January 2019, unfortunately for me a freeze vortex (they called it that the weather bureau) came though when I had a lot of my bulbs still in an unheated garage.  Most of those did not survive, even when I planted them they did not show this year – mostly my miniatures.  I lost many, including some of my own breeding, Ladelle, Leola, Suzy Q.

    I’m so happy that daffodil friends stepped up to the plate this year.


  2. Marty Ross, Virginia says:

    Clay, thank you for the wonderful bulbs you sent to our club last year, and good luck with your new garden! We had some fun donations this year — thanks to all who contributed. Our bulb exchange is a great way for each of us to get to know new daffodils. I have lots of new ones (to me) that I hope will be blooming just in time for our show in Spring 2020. Results to follow! Marty