Tazzetta Geranium

April 12, 2020

Category: Standards

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My favorite cut flower for fragrance, this the bed I planted a few years back in our yard. They are long lasting plants


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5 responses to “Tazzetta Geranium”

  1. Petra Vogt, Germany Petra Vogt, Germany says:

    My favorite for fragrance is “Acropolis” or would be “Infatuation” if i could get it. The smell of both is spicy and sweet.

    I wonder why the scent of such flowers is quite often not transmitted to their offspring. “Infatuation” is an ancestor of many modern Daffodils, which have almost no fragrance. Does anybody know the reason?

  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:


    Buy a bunch of flowers from the florist, especially roses and try to find the fragrance. My theory is that, in breeding for quantity, the fragrance has lost its priority. I think the same for wheat. The goodness has been bred out of the grain and we get flour that causes gluten intolerance.


  3. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:


    In crosses with viridiflorus, the fragrance from viridiflorus  in first generation crosses carries through strongly.  In next generation crosses the fragrance carries through but becomes less and less the further one get away from the species. It seems the fragrance is diluted the further one gets away from the source of the original fragrance. Perhaps that is what is happening with your question about the loss of fragrance in Infatuation crosses.

  4. Vijay Chandhok says:

    I grew up in Srinagar Kashmir India and a narcissus which was grown in the area was similar too Geranium but a little smaller in size but much more fragrant than even Geranium. I think they originally came from Iran a long time back. There is a couplet in Farci my dad used to recite which loosely translates “ I have grown by this path for 1000 years and you have paid no attention…..”
    It took me a few years to find a substitute

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  5. Petra Vogt, Germany Petra Vogt, Germany says:

    Thank you David and Larry for your explanations towards the loss of scent in modern daffodils; I think you are right in that it is a question of priority of breeding goals set by breeders.