Discussions and photos about miniature size daffodils (less than 32.5 cm or 12.5 inch tall).

Early July

We are heading into mid-winter here but nevertheless there are plenty of daffodils. Bulbocodiums of course: Some nice tazettas – just. A cyclataz from N. cyclamineus x Autumn Colors: Some…

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Pine needles or Pine Straw as Mulch

Lesson learned: Digging daffodils has always been one of most liked subjects to talk about and the least liked to do.  For those without this life altering experience 🙂 digging…

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Miniature Daffodils

Hi, This year I dug my miniatures, all of them.  I have slightly over 100 varieties counting some N. species and some hybrids of both Graham Fleming and mine.  I…

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The Barco, NC Daffodil Show March 2016

Hi again, The Marie Bozievich Award was won my Glenna Graves; Lavalier 5YYW-W Hot Gossip 2Y-O Abbey Elizabeth 4Y-O Conestoga 2W-GYO Oregon Trail 1Y-R Gull 2W-GWW Supreme Empire 2W-P Sideling…

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Blooming Today

May 13, 2016

Still have blooms on Sun Disc and Baby Moon. Tripartite left yesterday when it got to 80 plus. In perennial garden early peonies, iris and several other perennials are blooming.…

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Narcissus Martha Cash

One of my favorites among the small tazettas is ‘Martha Cash’ 8W-P, and this seems to be a very good year for it, so I thought I would share a…

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