Oakwood Daffodils Catalog – 2017

May 23, 2017

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The 2017 Oakwood Daffodils & Larry Wier Daffodils catalog has been added to the Specialty Bulb Growers page on the ADS website.

Message from Oakwood Daffodils follows;

Welcome to Oakwood Daffodil’s 34rd annual listing of Midwestern-raised, bred, and acclimatized daffodils. I have grown daffodils on a singular basis since 1971 and bred them on a regular basis since 1976. I can proudly state that I have the largest collection of Narcissus hybrids in diversity, quality and quantity, in the United States. I have tried to offer the American gardener and daffodil lovers worldwide the greatest chance of enjoying their favorite flower. Midwestern daffodils will do better in most of the USA and better than those from other climates and countries. While emphasis is on Midwestern Daffodils, I am listing bulbs from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom too.

I’m proud to announce our first Pannill Award to Cinnamon Ring, given this year at the National Show. Also a magnificent bloom of Juergen, 1 Y-Y won the Gold at Nashville last week and Memphis today. Hopefully it too, will join the ranks with Cinnamon Ring. I’m reintroducing Tristan’s Memory 2 Y-Y this year. It already has a good show record of Gold Awards will get consideration soon. It’s up to you the exhibitors to insure this.

Significant advances in many areas of color, form and size are being made at Oakwood. Last year’s repeat advances include a beautiful show quality 1 P-R and a deeply colored show quality 8 Y-R using my hybrids exclusively as parents. We now have a perfectly flat smooth 1Y-Y with wide non incurving petals, also more diverse 1 W-R’s and 2W-R’s.

Join us and savor our beauties. Help the daffodil world and the ADS grow stronger and show more of these attractive flowers. Bulbs are essentially dug to order in late May and June, and then shipped in late September/ October. Please take note of the final dates for ordering bulbs as we try to stop digging by the end of June. Sorry no credit cards at this time. Orders are taken in sequence by date received.

Best Wishes, John Reed & Julie Martin

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