Contains information and advice about hybridizing as well as photos of seedlings.

Lessons Learned from the past daffodil season

Hi, I’m hoping this will be taken in the humor it was intended.  I had a few lessons learned from the past season that I thought was comical enough to…

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Autumn 17#5

Bulbocodium season has now started. The first of the viridiflorus hybrids has just finished which means it has lasted over 2 weeks.               A…

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Surprise Blue Ribbon

I was sent a picture today from the Chambersburg, PA Daffodil show (a couple weeks ago) of my seedling #11-35 that I had given up on.  It’s a jonquil (cordubensis)…

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Autumn 17#4

Hi Christiaan, I am delighted by your seedlings, particularly if they are happy in your impossible conditions. The season progresses here with the first viridiflorus hybrid flowering. Bill Welch’s earliest…

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VDS Show Richmond at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Second Page. VDS Show In Richmond Best Intermediate ‘Bonnie’s Jewell’ 2Y-YOO exhibited by Glenna Graves Best Youth Bloom ‘Tripartite’ 11aY-Y exhibited by Ryan Potter Best Small Grower ‘Hawera’ 5Y-Y exhibited…

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5W-W Unknown

Hi, I found this in bloom in my seedling beds.  It’s a first time bloom.  I have been using an NTT ( N. triandrus Triandrus), and its Cousin another NTT…

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