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DaffSeek menu change

February 27, 2008

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Recently customers at a Moscow ISP downloaded about 2GB of the DaffSeek web site, and photos. The web page content was the “output” of the DaffSeek programs, not the programs themselves. If someone intended to start their own site with our content, they would be able to build a static version of DaffSeek, but not be able to update it or keep up with our updates.
I am familiar with web site retrieval programs and thought that DaffSeek was fairly well protected from downloads. Yesterday I did some tests using “wget”, a program I use often for legitimate purposes. I found that it can easily download almost anything from DaffSeek and can even identify itself as Internet Explorer.
Thinking about how this is possible, I realized that the “Browse Menu”, the “A to Z Menu” at the top of the first DaffSeek page, was a likely problem because that menu does not require user input, just web clicks. Then I did more tests with the Browse Menu disabled. Disabling the Browse Menu solved the problem and none of the DaffSeek data or photos could be downloaded. Because of this, I am disabling the “Browse Menu” on the DaffSeek home page.
If I can find a way to make the Browse Menu work without risk to DaffSeek, I will bring it back in a future version of DaffSeek.
Thanks to all you daffodil growers, hybridizers, and photographers for making DaffSeek what it is today.
Ben Blake

4 responses to “DaffSeek menu change”

  1. Mark Smyth says:

    It’s terrible what people will do. Last year some emailed to tell me they have a copy of one of my web sites on their hard drive to save them going online to view it. A few weeks ago some emailed me requesting one of all my Galanthus photos for their own use
    Mark N Ireland

  2. David Adams says:
    Rather than griping be pleased that people appreciate the work that you do.
  3. Clay Higgins says:

    John Gibson gave me some Galantus seed some years ago, and it just bloomed for the first time. It’s about two or three inches tall and the cup is hardly as big around as an American dime.  I have no experience with this flower at all.  Is Galantus supposed to be that small?  Can you tell me a little more about it?

    Clay Higgins


  4. Sandra Stewart says:

    I’m with y’all, Dave and Keith! How sad would it be if the only people who got to enjoy our daffodils are the ones who see them on daffnet or daffseek? I would be truly flattered..Sandra
    —- David Adams < title=> wrote: Mark,
    Rather than griping be pleased that people appreciate the work that you do.