Nancy Tackett, California

New Daffnet Member

March 12, 2008

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Please welcome our newest Daffnet member Deborah Jordan. Deborah lives in Houston Texas and is a member of IBS, PBS, and NARGS. Just recently, she developed an interest in Narcissus and is looking forward to reading Daffnet posts.
Welcome Deborah!
Nancy Tackett Martinez, Calif

4 responses to “New Daffnet Member”

  1. Betty Goetz says:

    Thanks for the welcome. As a victim of the ‘collector gene’, which I’m sure isn’t unfamiliar to some on this list, I’ve fostered a collection of daffodils since the late 80’s/early 90’s. A roughly 10 year hiatus after knee surgery in 1992 resulted in some losses (mostly to bulb fly), and my goose flock added to the problem by developing a fetish for labels. I now have quite a few lost-label Mitsch, Oregon Trails, and Oakwood Daffodils which recently got more jumbled when I attempted to move the entire in-ground collection this past June from one property to a new property. I have THOUSANDS of daffodils in pots waiting for me to work up some in-ground beds. Unfortunately, I bought a property with relatively poor, HARD soil so this will take more effort than I had available after the ‘big move’. So, I’m virtually starting over with the newer cultivars now available. I promise to keep the geese away from the labels (wink).
    I hope to re-find some of my old favorites (Daydream, Akepa, Cool Water) in addition to experimenting with new cultivars. I LOVE Division 5 & 6, but have a fondness for many cultivars across the spectrum. Division 4 and 11 are probably my least favorite. I’m not too partial to the ‘pinks’ either although they do work better for me with W rather than Y petals. Picky picky.
    I look forward to learning and sharing. I’m not very interested in exhibition and almost wish I could work out something like I do for my Siberian Huskies. If I have a nice one, I pay someone to handle the dog in the ring. If I have some good daffodils, someone else is welcome to do the ‘show thing’ with them. I’m sure there are rules about that sort of thing (wink)….I just haven’t paid attention to the ‘daffodil show culture’.
    I look forward, once I get this new property squared away, to trying hybridization again. Mostly with Division 5 & 6.
    Oh….DaffSeek is a COOL TOOL! Wow!
    Betty Goetz – Snohomish, WA (really closer to Clearview)

  2. Nancy Ellis says:

    Betty, Thank you for introducing yourself. I belong to the Oregon Daffodil Society and we would love to see you at one of our shows, with or withour your flowers to enter! (You may know that you can find show dates on the ADS website along with the contact info for each show.) Elise Havens is very active with our group and could help identify some of your de-labeled flowers. We have two WA residents in our society who live in Chimacum. My geography of your state is vague- where are you in relationship to Tacoma/ Seattle? Hope your spring is less stormy than ours and that all slugs will flee your premises! Nancy
    Nancy Ellis 16501 SE Fairview Rd Dayton OR 97114-8620 503-868-7507  title=

  3. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    I love your area of WA, Betty. My husband’s family settled in the Seattle area after being Army brats all over the world and my father-in-law gave us a great tour on one visit of Snoqualmie Falls and the Snohomish area.
    Yes, I must have that same collecter gene! I’m sure you will find those old ones and many new ones to keep you busy. Check out the ADS website at for bulb sources and order catalogs to your heart’s’ content. ;->
    Good luck on the hybridizing. Yes, Daffseek is a fantastic tool for all kinds of reasons!
    Becky Fox Matthews that daffy girl near Nashville

  4. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    Welcome, Tracy! I’m from the Nashville area. We have a daffodil show each year at Cheekwood Arts & Gardens, though our show and Knoxville’s were on the same weekend this year. Maybe you can come to Nashville’s show next year.
    Becky Fox Matthews
    Nancy Tackett wrote: