Help! Identify my new Baby.

April 19, 2009

Category: General

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Hi Everyone;
Can anyone identify my new baby?  I dug it on my trip to  Louisiana last year or year before last.  It could have been dug in Texas, Louisiana or Arkansas.  It has very narrow star shaped petals (3″ wide) and a long, narrow trumpet (1 1/2″)  .  The petals are lighter yellow than the trumpet and are very flat, not reflexed or hooded at all.  It is almost 7″ tall, from the ground to the tip of it’s up-facing trumpet.  It has no fragrance that I can detect.  It is early-mid season here.  I have never seen a daffodil like this.  I have looked at Brent & Becky’s catalogue and I don’t see it there.  I checked my ‘Daffodils for North American Gardens’.  It’s soooooooo cute.

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