April 19, 2009

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Tom not only successfully entered and judged our show but stayed until we closed it down taking photos.  That’s after about a two hour drive to Columbus.  Thank God for youth and dedication.


2 responses to “Photos”

  1. George Dorner says:

    Here’s a rare chance for me to talk from my profession.

    The Birthday Problem is a well-known, counter intuitive result of probability theory:
    How many people do you need in a room so that the likelihood of two of them having the same birthday (but possibly in different years)  is 50-50?
    The rather surprising answer is: 23
    If you have 50 in a room, the odds of two having the same birthday are about 33:1.
    Johnny Carson used to check this with his audience on occasion. There were around 250 or 300 in the audience, and it never failed. The probability of a match in that case is virtually certain. Of course, if there are 366 in the room, it _is_ certain.
    Google “Birthday Problem” for more information. Wikipedia is a good source.
    Back to daffodils.

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Ah, Phyllis, that was a very good year.  🙂
    Mary Lou