Pachybolbus at Wisley

April 9, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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Dear Daffnetters,
As my vase of pachybolbus at Wisley has evoked discussion, I have posted another flower from the same pot. I hope the detail will enable the discussion further.  Incidentally the bulbs came from a reputable source.
Janine Doulton

One response to “Pachybolbus at Wisley”

  1. Marilyn Howe says:

    Hi Janie,
    Based on your photograph, I feel the plant you are growing is more closely allied to N. panizzianus and not N. pachybolbus.  Where did your resource get the bulbs that you received as N. pacybolbus?
    You did have a very nice collection of miniatures at the Wisely Show.

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