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Emailing: Chicago – Millenium Park at John Reed’s

May 9, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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About the ADS convention tour of gardens, Bill Pannill was once heard to say something like this, “On tour day, the daffodils are all in tight bud, bloomed out, or it rained.”  Well, the latter was true for our walk with John Reed through his down the road daffodil field.

2 responses to “Emailing: Chicago – Millenium Park at John Reed’s”

  1. David Liedlich says:

    Rain, yes – but the daffodils are so photogenic with the water droplets on them!

  2. Ted Snazelle, Mississippi Ted Snazelle says:
    Aside from not being able to spell, I gave the wrong name; it should be Millennium Pink.  Rain does smudge notes.

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