Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee


July 27, 2009

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An co-worker found this interesting creature on the concrete walkway in front of the science center today. I found a container and settled it in, tried to feed it, but it soon started to spin a cocoon, so I brought it home to take some photos. It’s a silk moth caterpillar and is now wrapping itself in leaves for a little privacy, tired of me taking photos, I guess. ;->
This website has a great write-up with photos of its complete life cycle:
Becky Fox Matthews that daffy girl near Nashville wishing for daffs, but glad there’s at least something interesting to look at

One response to “caterpillar”

  1. Deborah Holland says:

    —- Becky Fox Matthews < title=> wrote: Hi Becky, If the four knobs near the head were a bit more reddish, I’d say that your caterpillar was a Cecropia, a North American silkworm. Cecropia like to eat silver maple leaves.
    Deb in Newport Oregon…formerly of Indiana.

    Deb Holland Newport, Oregon