Monthly Archives: July 2010

Max Hamilton

Hello All,   Many of you will be aware that Max Hamilton is at a low ebb.  We saw him last week and while he was very coherent and was…

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Max Hamilton in hospice

Friends: Kath Hamilton posted the following on Facebook today: Kath Hamilton is thinking we are into the next level of "hard yards." There has been a real down-turn with Max’s…

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July 29, 2010

It finally rained today in Eastern Virginia… We need much more as it has been so dry for so long…..   Ceci Brown Gloucester, Virginia, USA

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Fw: Seedling GMX-282

Another  from  Wilf  , I  have  not  seen  this  sdlg  but  can  see the  top  flower  is  more  rolled  at  the edges  and  not  sitting  as  flat  . Still looks…

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Fw: Yet another Voda Seedling

  Hi  Daffnetters , Wilf  Hall  is  having  a  great  run  with  the  tazettas  this  season ..  Thanks  for  the  feedback ; it,s  good  to  have  some  interesting  flowers  in …

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Emailing: IMG_1296_1 tazettas .

  This is  another  pic  from  Wilf  . This  trio  is  Beesknees  on  the top ,and  then  two  seedlings from  the  very  successful  cross 01-T-25  —  x  —  02 T…

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