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Daffodil Bulbs

July 14, 2010

Fellow Daffnet Members, I know that Daffnet is not intended for this purpose, however, I have a large number of ‘Geometrics’ 2W-Y (about 50) and some ‘Elixir’ 4Y-Y (about 25)that…

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This  attracted  me  as  we  looked  at  the first flowering  tazetta  seedlings. From  the  cross  Avalanche  —  x  —  Wayby  this  was  the  best  of  3  siblings  .   Wayby …

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4 pictures for you

  Not  hard  to  spot  the  family resemblance  —  the species  Viridiflorus  has  given  them both the  green  cast ;  the  reflexing  from  the  species  has  all but dissappeared  in …

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grand mon x em sea

Hi  Daffnetters , Another  light  frost  this  morning ,  then a  great , still  day  ;  top  at  about  14 o C . Clouded  over  about  4  pm  ,  then …

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