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FW: Daffodils of Julian, CA

July 13, 2010

I received the inquiry below, via the ADS website. If you can provide an answer or assistance for this person, please respond to them privately. And please include me in…

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  Two  more  of  the  real  Emerald  Sea  and  also  a  slight  correction  . In  the  email  subject  line  of  the  little double  ,I  labeled  it  as  an  Emerald Sea …

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4 pictures for you

I  was  told  to  expect a  very  wide  range  of  forms  in  the  Emerald  Sea  seedlings  .   These  were  seen  growing  on  the  eastern  hills  of  Palmerston  North  City , …

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Em Sea sdlg .

  Another  bulb  I  recieved  from  John  Hunter  was  this  interesting  Viridiflorus  sdlg  J A H  sdlg  23 / 88 (  Rosewyn x Gay  Challenger )  x  Viridiflorus .. No  luck …

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Emerald Sea

Hi  Daffnetters, Another  frosty  morning  with  a  fine  day  after  we  warm  up  .. I  was  very  fortunate  to  recieve  from  John  Hunter two  bulbs  of  Emerald  Sea . They …

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