N cyclamineus x n cordubensis

December 26, 2011

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi all,
After 4 years the first flower from this cross opened on Christmas day. There are two more buds in the pot and 2 more buds on some planted outside. Daffseek shows ‘Sassy’ which is the reverse cross
n cordubensis x n cyclamineus.
Belated Christmas greetings and a happy new year to everyone.


3 responses to “N cyclamineus x n cordubensis”

  1. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner says:

    So, is this hybrid blooming at the appropriate time?.
    Since Betty Hartzog had 7 clumps blooming recently (admittedly in
    Atlanta but still these are spring blooming), and I have a number of
    specimens broken ground including a sibling to French Robin up about 7
    inches, I’m wondering what’s going on this year!
    I gave Frank several Beauvallon, newly planted for him this year and
    even they are all up a couple of inches.

    Is anyone else experiencing plant growth at this extremely early time


  2. Linda Wallpe says:

    Tom –

    I noticed this afternoon that a clump of ‘Beautiful Eyes’ is up a good 4-5″ except for one bulb of it that must be up 9″.
    A nearby clump of ‘Tete-a-Tete’ is up 3-4″.


  3. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney says:

    Lots of growth in central IL, too! I was just commenting to George
    Dorner that our jonquils, tazettas, and poetaz are ridiculously
    lush—-one tazetta even has a bloom spike about 3″, which is completely
    unheard of for us this time of year; in early March, maybe, but not now.
    Looking across the now straw-colored field, thanks to a late fall
    glyphosate application, small rows of green daffodil foliage are
    becoming visible throughout. For us this is waaaaaay early!

    A handful of New Zealand-acquired cultivars, planted this past fall from
    bulbs kept in cool storage since last spring, and many other bulbs
    acquired from Europe last fall, primarily of lower divisions, are
    pushing ground; otherwise, lower divisions that have been in the ground
    for more than a year are still under the soil, thankfully. Winter has
    yet to really settle in…

    Does a crate of assorted daffodils planted on Christmas day, many with
    2-4″ of growth, count?;-)


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