Graham Fleming, Australia

User name and password

August 29, 2012

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It is so long since I did the user name and password for daffnet that I have forgotten both. Can you help please.
Graham Fleming

2 responses to “User name and password”

  1. Debbie Green says:

    Not Ben, but I just had to deal with the same situation. If you click on login and then on the “forgot password” link you’ll get a request for your email address to send a reset link. In the process of receiving that you’ll see what the user name you registered under is, as well as create a new password. Armed with that you can login and check that you want the system to remember you so you don’t have to remember any of this for long if you don’t want to!

  2. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake says:

    Your old daffnet mailing-list password is not the same one used for this forum so it would not matter if you did remember that old password.  Debbie’s comment is a good summary of the what you need to do.   Thanks Debbie!