Harold Koopowitz, California

In the garden today.

January 10, 2013

Categories: Breeding, General, Hybridizing

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Thought I would show you some of the flowers in the garden today, this is primarily for those of you having a bleak winter’s day.

First of these is a clump of ‘Glittering Embers’ it makes a cheerful clump.






Second is an unusual dwarf. Just too big to be a miniature but only a few inches tall. it is bred from Ringstead by N. miniatus. Can make two flowers to the stem. Unfortunately, it is slow to divide.





Number three is a new seedling just starting to open. This is from (Limequilla x Emerald Sea) open pollinated. Florets measure 55 mm and there are 5 on the stem for the maiden bloom. It is the earliest in the season for a large bright yellow.






Fourth, is a clump of  mixed Emerald Sea x Lima’s Green Success seedlings. These seem to have been in flower for about 6 weeks. None of these are miniatures.



3 responses to “In the garden today.”

  1. Bob Johnson, California says:

    I am seeing so many new and interesting winter blooming daffodils here on Daffnet that perhaps an exibition type of show might be in our future to help promote this natural extension of the daffodil season in Northern California. Combining these newcomers with tazetta,jonquil , bulbcodium varieties and anything else that pops would be a very interesting collection of daffodils that most people never see.

  2. Molly Adams, Tennessee Molly Adams, Tennessee says:

    Harold, it is indeed a bleak day here and I do so appreciate your pictures! I especially like ‘Glittering Embers’.

  3. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    Yes, thanks, Harold.  I especially find the two bright yellow cultivars cheerful!  We’ve had over an inch of rain here for each of the past two days with rain predicted through most of the weekend, so the daff bed that I was trying to finish must wait.  If this keeps up I will have many more early blooms.  I have a couple of tazettas and a Glenbrook Ta-Julia bulbocodium in bloom.