Bill Carter, Washington

My statistics for making seeds.

June 27, 2013

Categories: Hybridizing, Seeds

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I’m in my 5th year of pollinating and wondered how I am doing.  I only get about 50% of my crosses to make seed.  How do you compare?

I just picked my last pod yesterday.

I had my 1st and only bloom this year from one of my 2010 seeds.  Hoping for big things in 2014.

Year Crosses Successes Seeds Seeds per Cross Seeds per Suc % Success
2009 34 ?
2010 140 60 1,410 10 24 43%
2011 270 157 2,682 10 17 58%
2012 205 88 1,252 6 14 43%
2013 315 154 2,107 7 14 49%

3 responses to “My statistics for making seeds.”

  1. Michael Berrigan, Minnesota says:

    I am just finishing picking pods and shelling them out.  The cloudy weather has resulted in some pods with immense seeds as well as several with scrawny ones.  About 1/5th of the crosses used species with all of the cyclamineus pollen not taking on any crosses.  I managed to collect pollen from three doubles and three of those crosses took well.   My average is about 25-30 seeds per cross  Successful crosses about 100.  About 1/2 took.  Seed set was lower than typical.  Complete numbers will be forthcomiing in about 2 weeks.

  2. Bill Carter, Washington Bill Carter, Washington says:

    Michael – For Clarification is a cross one seed pod or multiple seed pods per cross. Last year I typically had 2-3 seed pods of each cross but this year I spread he pollen around a bit more and typically only got one pod of seeds per cross.

    My 2012 seedlings bit the dust two weeks ago bunnies and sun. My 2011 seedlings are just about died back and I will take these bulblets out of their pots for planting outside this fall. .

  3. Michael Berrigan, Minnesota says:

    I had up to 7 flowers per cross typically 3 flowers are crossed.  Results 0-10 Seeds 34 10-20 seeds 19 20-30 18 30-50 seeds 17 and 51 seeds and up 16  total 2500 seeds.

    I counted flags and 187 crosses were attempted with 106 taking.  Many of the crosseshad  exceptionally poor seed set. My best seeders were Hoteo and Ara  for seed totals and the champ Golden Birthday with 3 pods and 94 seeds. 

    The seelings are now ripening first years earlier tan the second tears and so forth.  the four years are still all green.