Monthly Archives: July 2013

About our friend Jill

July 31, 2013

Talked with her this a.m. and I am over the moon with the good news, After her PET scan the Dr. has told her that the cancer is inactive; and…

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Toward fertile 8O-O

Sometimes I think an all orange diploid tazetta (and hence fully fertile) is possible. Other times I’m not so sure. In the past flowers such as these have been identified…

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Fall ADS Event in Tucson, Arizona

Is the Grand Canyon on your Bucket List? The Grand Canyon is only a five-hour scenic drive from Tucson, Arizona and the American Daffodil Society’s Fall Board meeting this coming…

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Intro and seedling

Hi All I’ve been visiting Daffnet (and Daffseek !) very regularly the past few months. Obviously I learned a lot. Intro first: I have been growing things for an odd…

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Early Phillips Redcups .

The warm , settled weather is continuing in the Waikato , as it is over most of the North Island for the last week .The daffs are moving at a…

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Another fine Jonquilla

John Hunter has flowered  many nice seedlings using pollen from his very fertile Emerald Sea.With a very limited pool of fertile jonquillas, a logical cross is with the very fertile…

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