Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland

Found in Spain

July 22, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General, Hybridizing

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Guess who?

Guess who?

Mini daffodil hybridisers conference 2013 by the beach in Spain.

2 responses to “Found in Spain”

  1. Kirby Fong, California Kirby Fong, California says:

    Okay, my guess is David and Robin Jackson, Betty and Brian Duncan, and Kay and Jamie Radcliff.  I take it “mini” applies to the conference, not to the hybridizers or daffodils.

  2. Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland says:

    Got it in one Kirby. Yes ‘mini’ refers to number of people rather than size of daffodils. Was asked by Brian to add the photo.