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October 5, 2020

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The 2nd installment of the ADS Ebay Auction is up and running.  Go out to Ebay and search for ADS 2020 Fall Auction and you should see lots of interesting bulbs.  So far, there’s bargains to be had, though the prices will probably edge up.  I’ve made my bids and will be watching carefully – there’s two I’m determined to get and a lot of others I’d really like.  Not telling what they are, though!

Thanks to Janet Hickman for running this and all the donors.  It’s been one of the highlights of my season.

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  1. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:

    Only 3 days left to bid. Many have ridiculously low bids. Get those last minute bulbs for that last spot you need to add some color for a song and support ADS.

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