Weather and Temperature

Discussions about weather impact and temperature on daffodils.

Winter 2017

As Graham has remarked it’s been a dry frosty winter here in Canberra. End of winter is in sight with the first pseudonarcissus and jonquilla in flower. There are some…

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Autumn 17#6

There is no obvious boundary between autumn and winter here. It sure feels like winter. There were enough flowers to pick a bunch for a friend’s birthday. The bunch includes…

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Why Couldn’t You Wait?

April 17, 2017

This bloom and many like her decided to emerge too early this year. Waiting a week or two would have been appreciated. And, my Lightning Fire which won a Gold…

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Autumn 17#3

Thanks everyone for the show photos. Apologies Jaydee, I don’t know the answers to your questions. The National Daffodil Association of Australia may eventually be a good source of information.…

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Evaluation of Seedlings

A question to hybridizers.  How do you evaluate your seedlings on a year when they have summer weather in February followed in March by three weeks of extreme cold and…

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First florets

My daffodil season began this morning with 3 daffodils flowering. Sometimes tazettas flower here in February. This year they are relatively late, presumably because we have had a long warm…

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